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As materials handling equipment distributors, we were eager to utilize gps telematics technology to better manage our fleet of more than 1,500 industrial machines. For example, when servicing equipment on the North Dakota oil fields, losing track of a unit’s location or runtime meant several extra hours on the road. We hoped that using telematics would eliminate these costly maintenance challenges, but after trying five different telematics companies, we found that none were both affordable and compatible with all the brands in our fleet.

Finally we decided to design and manufacture a telematics system we were looking for: a gps telematics device and fleet monitoring software that are engineered and priced for the real-world needs of equipment owners.

Besides being dramatically more affordable than other IoT fleet management solutions, Clear Telematics makes it easier to utilize your data. You can track all your vehicles, equipment, and machines of any manufacturer on one dashboard, whether it be heavy equipment, construction equipment, or commercial vans. You can also import your data into other platforms; Clear Telematics has an open API so you can access your telematics data through your current business management software.

Our telematics tracking system doesn’t have unnecessary features that clutter your dashboard and drive up costs. Engineered for simplicity and durability, Clear Telematics gives you the data you need for a price that brings a clear return on investment.

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